Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Specialists

We have trained technicians to work on your electric and hybrid vehicles

Mick’s MOTs has been providing services to our petrol and diesel customers since 1993. We also have trained technicians to work on electric and hybrid vehicles so we can continue to assist our customers as the future goes green.

MOTs for electric and hybrid vehicles

Just like petrol and diesel vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles must have an MOT once they are three years old and then every year after.

An MOT is a safety check, which looks at certain parts of the vehicle in line with guidelines. While an electric vehicle won’t have to undergo an emissions test it will still need to have other checks carried out to ensure it is roadworthy.

Electric and hybrid vehicle servicing

In addition to having an MOT, it is still recommended that electric and hybrid vehicles are serviced in line with the manufacturer’s schedule.

Our technicians have gone through training and gained relevant qualifications to be able to work on electric and hybrid vehicles. They are aware of common issues and the components which need to be checked to ensure your vehicle continues to run efficiently and safely.

Your manual will state how often your vehicle needs to be serviced.

Services can be tailored to your vehicle and some will require more checks than others and therefore take more time.

A service contains checks that aren’t included in the MOT such as:

Checking the auxiliary battery

Checking the brake fluid moisture content

Diagnostic equipment is used to ensure everything is working correctly

Taking the wheels off to ensure they are in good working condition and the brake pads and discs are in good condition too.

Having your service done with Mick’s MOTs will save you money compared to the main dealers. The cost depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Please call us for a quote: 01634 827 977.

When it comes to servicing an electric/hybrid vehicle our trained technicians have the required expertise to carry out a thorough check of your vehicle. By having a thorough check of your vehicle it helps to preserve the lifetime of your vehicle’s battery over the coming years to ensure it continues to run as efficiently as possible and helps to quickly diagnose any problems which are found during the service.

You can have confidence in Mick’s MOTs that you will get a trustworthy, professional and friendly service.

For more information or a quote please contact us.

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